How AEX Technology Solutions Helps Custom Exhibit Builders Find Unique Technologies

02.03.22 05:25 PM By Shannon

AEX Technology Solutions bring interactive and customized technologies to the US market. The founders travel the globe for innovative technology solutions that will fill a gap or address an issue that technology integrators, exhibit builders and corporate clients face. This can be anything from custom LED shapes to unique LCD & OLED displays to prefabricated digital kiosks. They provide all types of technology to their clients in a timely, cost-efficient manner. 

AEX works with integrators and large-scale exhibit builders to bring next level tech to many different industries. One specific request recently came from an exhibit builder in Chicago, IL, where they needed a highly reflective display for one of their client’s events. While some major manufacturers produced variations of this in the past, none were to be found in the marketplace to fit the spec the client needed. The team at AEX worked with their overseas manufacturers to develop a solution for them, which involved sourcing a high quality 4K LCD display and high reflective glass, similar to a mirror and optically bonded PCAP touchscreen.

AEX developed a fully interactive, 55” 4K, PCAP touch mirror display for the client and coordinated the transfer into the US. They facilitated the whole process and delivered the final product right to the exhibit builder’s shop in the matter of two months from concept to deployment. Not only did AEX save this builder time and money, but they enabled them to be a solution provider, and not have the dreaded conversation with the end client saying “sorry, this item is out of stock or not available right now”.

These types of unique needs and custom solutions are not highly prevalent in today’s market and industries, which is why AEX becomes one of the leaders in sourcing technologies for situations exactly like this. Many resellers and distributors are solely focused on broad market solutions vs. bringing unique and custom technology solutions into the market, which is why AEX is such a valued partner.

Whether it’s an experiential event, a trade show exhibit build, or a permanent installation in a retail setting, reach out to AEX to see what type of technology solutions they can provide to enhance your customers experience.