This New Air Purifier Can Help Eliminate Viruses in Your Salon

25.01.21 04:42 PM By Shannon

This New Air Purifier Can Help Eliminate Viruses in Your Salon

As businesses struggle to get back to normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the challenges is making employees and customers feel comfortable spending time in the indoor environment. Consumer-grade air purifiers typically remove larger particles like dander and pollen but are unable to neutralize smaller pathogens, and there’s not many accessible commercial options available. 

We recently learned about AiroDoctor, an industry-first, medical-grade, four-stage filtration system that has been scientifically proven to eliminate more than 99% of all tested viruses, including human coronavirus. Each free-standing unit uniquely combines a pre-filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA H13 filter with a UVA LED photocatalytic titanium filter to destroy even smaller particles than the best HEPA filter alone.


It also:

Has earned classification as an FDA Class II Medical Device 

Exceeds the air purification recommendations of the CDC guidelines for hospital environments 

Covers 2,150 sq ft per unit – roughly the size of an average U.S. home 

Cleans quietly with a maximum noise level of 55dB

Uses no environmentally harmful UVC light or ozone 

Requires no installation or HVAC integration – it’s plug and play

Can sanitize hair salons and other corporate environments 

Costs $3,995 per unit – one-fifth the price of other commercial air purifiers